Having pioneered the manufacturing of aeronautical fabric to the African market in 1967, Gelvenor Textiles has continued to innovate in this field, manufacturing high performance aeronautical textiles which are distinctly superior in quality and design. Five decades of development, production experience and technological advancement have allowed us to consistently deliver cutting edge solutions as a reputable aeronautical fabric manufacturer. Advanced yarn technology ensures that our aeronautical textiles are durable, lightweight and boast a high tear resistance and low pack volume. These qualities have established Gelvenor Textiles as a reputable global aeronautical fabric supplier.

Proud members of the Parachute Industry Association and Paraglider Manufacturers Association.

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Our superior performance parachutes are lightweight, low bulk capable and durable to provide the ultimate in performance.

  • Military personnel parachutes (mains and reserves)
  • Military cargo parachutes
  • Deceleration / Extraction parachutes
  • Flare parachutes
  • Sport parachutes (mains and reserves)

Our standards:

  • Reserves – Standard 38g PIA-C-44378 T1/T4/T5
  • Mains – 45g Zero Porosity
  • Military – PIA-C-7020 T1
  • Military – PIA-C- 44378 T2
  • PIA-C-2004 Type I
  • PIA-C-2005 Type II

Hot- air balloons

Our hot-air balloon fabrics are developed specifically for use in harsh climates and to withstand ultra-violet radiation and elevated temperatures. We use only the highest quality chemicals in our coatings to extend fabric life through enhanced protection.

Fabrics: 70g Double Ripstop Urethane & 80g Silicone HT


We produce Paraglider fabrics for top skins, bottom skins and ribs, and are constantly pushing the boundaries to ensure lighter mass and lower pack volume. Our Urethane Amino Modified Poly Siloxane Blend coating ensures that the fabric is UV protected, durable and has zero air permeability.

Fabrics: 32g OLKX  Ripstop, 38g OLKX Ripstop, 42g OLKS Double Ripstop
26g Ripstop Rescue & 32g Ripstop Rescue

Other areas of application for our aeronautical fabrics are:

  • Aircraft coverings
  • Kites for general flying / surfing / stunting
  • Parasails
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Testing forms an essential part of our manufacturing process. We leave nothing to chance: our aeronautical fabrics undergo extensive tests – sometimes spanning a number of years for a single product – to ensure absolute safety.

  • Initial testing takes place at our independent SANAS accredited ATS laboratory. Fabric is tested for porosity, tear and tensile strength to ensure compliance with our stringent internal standards as well as international specifications.
  • Once a fabric has passed the demanding laboratory requirements, it is sent to a parachute manufacturer and converted into a canopy, which is then tested using a dummy on a static line.
  • Once this test has been completed and the canopy has passed the parachute manufacturer and our customers’ requirements, the parachute is tested by a professional skydiver before the final step of TSO testing.

The result of this precise process is lightweight, durable, safe and extensively tested aeronautical fabric that may be certified with the Parachute Industry Association (PIA) or relevant controlling body i.e. PMA.


Our research and development process is ongoing to ensure that innovative ideas and problem solving make the journey from sketch to a new solutions-based product.

When we manufacture parachute fabric we start from scratch, using high quality raw materials to ensure a high quality finished product. Our proprietary low bulk yarn is exclusively developed to deliver the specific properties that we require from our fabrics.


Our investment in rigorous research and development is reflected in the fact that two of the world’s largest sports parachute manufacturers deal exclusively with our aeronautical textiles. These manufacturers have a direct influence on our fabric development and also collaborate with us on fabric testing. After testing, fabric is certified by the PIA to be used in sports and military applications as a recognised product.


As the world’s only aeronautical fabric manufacturer which conducts the entire production process in-house, Gelvenor Textiles is able to develop specialised aeronautical solutions from the base up and take full responsibility for the end product. From weaving, dyeing and finishing, we are able to inject our expertise into every step of the manufacturing process – making adjustments at any stage to ensure superior quality and performance and addressing key performance issues such as pack volume, canopy life, UV stability and coating durability.

Our manufacturing process allows us to focus on constant improvement and defect detection. It is this standard which gives us the ability to consistently manufacture products of the highest possible quality.