Gelvenor Textiles focuses on a drive for innovation in fabric production. This has resulted in many unique technologies and specially engineered raw materials which provide apparel solutions for industries such as the military, hospitality, school, sportswear, corporate and medical arenas.


Our apparel fabrics are designed to be durable, provide long-term colour fastness (protection against washing and exposure to light) and have easy care properties that meet the demands of today’s busy lifestyles.

The following fabric types are available in our apparel range:

100% Polyamide

This fabric is durable, breathable and comfortable due to the Nylon 6.6 parallel technology used during the manufacturing process of the yarn. Garments made up from Polyamide fabrics will provide light weight comfort with maximum durability and are ideal for multi-purpose outdoor and active wear solutions.

  • Up to 6 times stronger than conventional fabric
  • Lasting comfort and performance suited to a variety of outdoor and sporting activities
  • Improved tensile properties and abrasion resistance
  • Colourfast protection against light exposure

100% Spun polyester

Unique fabric technologies ensure that this hard wearing, synthetic fabric combines comfort with affordable long-term durability, making it ideal for uniforms as well as workwear. With the spun nature of the yarn used, the fabric has a natural feel and appearance yet still has the easy care properties of a synthetic product.

  • Superb colour fastness against washing and light exposure
  • High strength to weight ratio ensures long lasting robustness
  • Easy care – quick drying and excellent wash stability for wash and wear
  • Fully recyclable


Specifically designed for performance and comfort, our microfibre range is lightweight, durable, breathable and offers a luxurious feel as well as other unique qualities that make it suitable for a variety of applications including sport swear, corporate wear, chefs wear and hospitality wear. We are able to add a Silver Plus® finish to the fabric which ensures garments remain bacteria free and hygienic which make them an excellent fit for the medical, pharmaceutical and HACCP industries.

  • Soft, lightweight, breathable and comfortable against the skin – no irritation
  • Easy care – quick drying and excellent wash stability for wash and wear
  • Superb colour fastness against washing and light exposure
  • Eco Friendly dye process
  • Fully recyclable
  • Barrier properties (on specified fabrics only)


Gelvenor Textiles is able to supply a compact range of polyester/cotton blend fabrics. These products are naturally wickable due to the cotton component, comfortable and are available in a variety of finishes. Fabric for shirting is available as well as harder wearing polyester/cotton blend products which can be used for uniforms.

  • Absorbs moisture for comfort in humid conditions
  • Antistatic
  • Easy care – quick drying for wash and wear
  • Excellent wash stability with less shrinkage than 100% cotton
  • Easy to sew
  • Tear-resistant
  • Fully recyclable


 Textured polyester


We manufacture a wide range of polyester products in a variety of weave designs and masses. Textured polyester has excellent colour fastness and is extremely hard wearing, perfect for corporate wear and school wear.




This fibre combination is sought after due to its unique appearance, comfort, durability and easy care properties. Viscose is a cellulose based fibre able to replicate characteristics similar to wool and cotton and yet retain its ease of laundering. This fabric blend is ideal for corporate, workwear and leisure items, and is available in a variety of weave designs, masses and finishes.



The following finishes can be applied to the any Gelvenor Textiles apparel fabric solutions:

  • Wicking or moisture management
  • Silverplus® Anti-microbial
  • Rucoguard® durable water repellent and fabric protector
  • Vital Protection® insect repellent
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Soil release


Our apparel fabrics are suited for use in the following industries and environments:

School wear

  • Blazer fabrics in 100% high abrasion resistant polyester
  • Skirt and trouser fabrics in 100% polyester and poly/viscose blends
  • Tracksuits in 100% polyamide
  • School shirts

Corporate wear

  • Uniform fabrics and work wear in 100% polyester, polyester microfibre, poly/viscose blends and spun polyester
  • Cotton/polyamide and cotton/polyester blends

Urban Outdoor

This is Gelvenor Textiles’ speciality market segment, where we offer an extensive range of fabrics suited to sportswear, leisure wear and outdoor adventure wear. Our specially developed 100% polyamide is both lightweight and durable and is renowned as a multi-use sportswear fabric. As with all of our fabrics, but with outdoor apparel applications in particular, we have focused on innovation and new technology to produce a variety of high tech finishes to deliver anti-microbial and wickable (moisture management) amongst other specialised qualities.

Job Wear

Gelvenor Textiles produces a variety of fabrics suited to job wear across a multitude of industries. These fabrics are predominantly 100% cotton or polycotton blends, either in their standard form or enhanced to provide protective solutions for specific industry hazards, such as acid resistance.