At Gelvenor, we place an emphasis on excellence to ensure that all of our fabrics live up to our quality promise. To this end, all fabrics undergo extensive testing at the independent Advanced Textile Services (ATS) laboratory.


Established over 2 decades ago, ATS uses a range of global testing methods and market leading technology to implement physical and colour fastness testing on fabrics produced by Gelvenor as well as other fabric and garment manufacturers or retailers. The facility is ISO accredited; certified by both the Edcon and Woolworths Groups, and employs highly qualified staff to ensure that all testing meets internationally accredited standards.


ATS offers a variety of testing services. The following are amongst some of their most popular services for testing fabric strength, quality and colour fastness.

  • Tensile strength tests
  • Colour fastness to light (wet and dry)
  • Colour fastness to washing
  • Dimensional stability
  • Acid resistance
  • Fibre compositions
  • Vertical flammability

For a comprehensive list of testing services, please contact us.


The ATS Lab is an ISO 17025 based facility which means it adheres to a Quality Management System specifically designed for Testing and Calibration Laboratories. The lab is also ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 certified. In addition, the laboratory is environmentally conscious and this need for environmental awareness is reflected in their ISO 14001 certification.


Each staff member is trained in-house to ensure that their clients products are tested by the most qualified and competent people possible. Certified by both Woolworths and Edcon, ATS employees are highly qualified and are also required to attend external training to ensure that their skill level meets the required standard.

ATS takes pride in their ability to keep turnaround times as low as possible without sacrificing testing quality or accuracy, enabling them to provide efficient testing services to fabric manufacturers, garment manufacturers, and government departments and businesses dealing with textiles and textile testing.