Composite Components Developed from Polyester Fabric

Gelvenor Textiles

Composite Components Developed from Polyester Fabric.


Gelvenor Textiles is a weaver of primarily synthetic fibres based in Hammarsdale, South Africa. One of our products is a spun polyester open weave fabric used to manufacture flags.

Tufcot Engineering, an international engineering components manufacturer specialising in bushes & bearings, sphericals, washers, wear pads, wear rings and custom parts has taken this simple polyester fabric and used it to develop composite mechanical components with superior performance characteristics.

Innovative by nature, Tufcot was able to identify properties in our polyester fabric which made it the ideal fit for the resin bonding process used in the manufacture of their engineering components. Tufcot has been producing these fabric based composite parts for many years and have continued to enjoy a positive response from the market based on their product quality. We are proud to be associated with their continued innovations.

This novel business relationship between Tufcot and Gelvenor Textiles has shown that with imagination and application, basic textile products can be used in innovative and fresh ways to create diverse technical products.

From our point of view at Gelvenor Textiles, we look forward to identifying new opportunities where our fabrics can be utilised in inventive ways to create new products, improve existing products and satisfy market needs.

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