Gelvenor Helps Keep the Ark Afloat

Gelvenor Helps Keep the Ark Afloat.


The Ark KZN is a place of refuge for those who have lost their way. Home to 80 male residents, the majority of whom have fallen victim to the lures of addiction through drugs and alcohol, this Volunteer Association based between Durban and Pietermaritzburg helps these individuals find their feet again.

As with most Volunteer Associations, The Ark relies on donations to enable them to provide for the men living and working on the premises. Gelvenor is always looking for innovative ways to contribute various forms of support to those in our surrounding community, and one such opportunity was identified by Gelvenor employee Michael Roberts.

“Gelvenor second hand PPE is often still of a better quality than what you see being worn in less fortunate communities on a daily basis,” says Roberts. “I wanted to find a way to donate our old PPE to people in these communities”.

Gelvenor replaces their workwear garments and safety shoes every two years to ensure that their employees’ PPE is up to date and in good condition. Usually they would shred and dispose of these old PPE garments, but Roberts’ suggestion struck a chord with Gelvenor’s production managers and supervisors, who also saw the company’s second hand PPE as an opportunity to enrich the lives of those in the Hammarsdale area.

“Helping others is a large part of our culture at Gelvenor, so when the suggestion was made to donate our second hand PPE I was more than happy to help ensure that the request materialised into a substantial donation,” commented Dicky Coetzee, Gelvenor CEO.

Donated primarily by the Engineering and Dry Process Departments, all the PPE collected was done so internally by Gelvenor employees. After accumulating PPE for over 6 months, Gelvenor was able to donate a wide selection of safety boots, overalls, PPE jackets, PPE trousers, shirts, formal trousers and a large bag of mixed fabric to The Ark on Wednesday the 1st of November 2017.

After the handover, Ark representative George Rogers said, “We are incredibly grateful for this generous donation. These clothes will be put to good use and will keep the men at The Ark safe and comfortable while they work”.

The initial suggestion and generous response from the Gelvenor workforce made something abundantly clear. At Gelvenor, community upliftment is not just an ideal cherished on a management level but a part of the internal culture embraced by each Gelvenor employee.

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