Gelvenor Makes World Aids Day Donation

 Gelvenor Makes World Aids Day Donation.


Every year World Aids Day seeks to raise awareness around the global pandemic of HIV and AIDS. The international event, which began in 1988, takes place on Friday the 1st of December and strives to educate the public on the dangers of AIDS – a disease which has killed between 28.9 and 42.5 million people as of 2017.

To acknowledge this worthy cause, the Gelvenor team once again reached out to the community and provided critical support to those in need.


Pictured from left to right: Jabu Mncwabe, Janice Coetzee, HACT’s Gogo Support Groups Manager, Cwengi Mnyeni and Tracy Lockyer.


Janice Coetzee, marketing and development technologist for Gelvenor Textiles, explains that Gelvenor recognised the strife of those afflicted by AIDS and HIV in their immediate community and sought to identify ways in which they could help.

“We believe in strengthening the community around us through valuable contributions. We understand that the AIDS pandemic continues to destroy people’s lives in our immediate community and decided to find a way in which we could use our expertise to assist them,” said Coetzee.

Gelvenor identified the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust (HACT), an NPO that cares for those afflicted with HIV and AIDS in the greater Hillcrest community, as an organisation in need. Taking a uniquely Gelvenor approach to making a donation, Gelvenor delivered a truckload of mixed fabric weighing approximately 900kgs to HACT headquarters.

The fabric will be used to sew new clothing and household textiles to offer critical support to those being cared for by HACT.


Pictured: HACT’s Gogo Support Groups Manager, Cwengi Mnyeni.


Thrilled with the donation, Cwengi Mnyeni, HACT’s Gogo Support Groups Manager had some words of appreciation which she shared with Gelvenor representatives.

“Our thanks to Gelvenor for this most generous donation,” said Mnyeni. “With this fabric we will be able to provide care for those in our community who are affected by this dreadful disease”.

Gelvenor is pleased to have had the opportunity to use their resources to uplift the community and make a small yet impactful contribution in the fight against HIV and AIDS in the Hillcrest community.


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