Hot Air Balloon Fabrics Engineered to Fly Above and Beyond

 Hot Air Balloon Fabrics Engineered to Fly Above and Beyond

The hot air balloon has been around since 1782, thanks to the Montgolfier Brothers. Over the years, the design of the hot air balloon has not evolved as much as the quality of the fabric has, after all, it’s the fabric that makes the journey and that’s where Gelvenor Textiles comes in.

Gelvenor Textiles is the first African manufacturer of aeronautical fabrics. We have been producing high performance aeronautical fabrics which are distinctly superior in design and quality since 1965.

Our performance hot air balloon fabric starts at fibre level with the sourcing of high tenacity polyamide (nylon) yarn which provides the flexibility and strength needed to produce a fabric capable of carrying the weight of the balloon, rigging, basket, and passengers.

Our hot air balloon fabrics consist of a 70g Double Ripstop Urethane Coated material, and an 80g Silicone Coated material. These products have been developed to be durable, lightweight and resistant to tearing. Fabrics used outdoors for extended periods of time need to be highly resistant to UV.

We have developed a technical coating to extend the fabric life through enhanced protection which limits the damaging effects of UV on our hot air balloon fabrics.Our fabrics are designed to withstand elevated temperatures and use in harsh climates. Plus, we are able to produce vibrant shades which are unique and eye-catching utilising our in-house colour laboratory to match any new shades required by our customers.

An ISO9001 certification means that production of this high-tech fabric is managed, controlled and tested to ensure compliance before shipping to the customer. Adherence to ISO9001 requirements ensures we continue to manufacture products of the highest quality.

Millions of people are getting the chance to explore and travel the world through use of hot air balloons, thanks to technology developed through five decades of hard work, innovation, dedication and commitment by one of the world’s leading aeronautical fabric manufacturers, Gelvenor Textiles.

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