As a renowned innovator in fabric development and production, Gelvenor Textiles produces a range of specialised fabrics suitable for various industrial applications. Operating out of our state of the art factory, we are committed to developing new technologies in order to provide local and international industry with unique textile solutions.


We manufacture a wide range of custom engineered, precision woven synthetic fabrics produced from high tenacity polyamide, polyester, aramid, Glass or polypropylene in either multi-filament or spun fibre form.


At Gelvenor Textiles, we use three different technology types to produce our industrial fabrics, all of which undergo stringent physical and chemical testing at the independent and SANAS accredited ATS laboratory.


Scrimnet technology

Scrimnet is a cross laid product where yarns are rested over one another and then dipped into an adhesive and heat set. We use Polyester and Glass to manufacture our scrimnet products. Scrimnet is an excellent reinforcer and is used in insulation for ceilings, carpets and packaging.

Scrimnet specs

Construction: bi-axial (0º and 90º laid and chemically bonded).
Composition: 100% Polyester or Glass (we do not currently offer Polypropylene products).
Width: min 100cm up to max 254cm.

Multi-axial technology

Our innovative multi-axial machine is able to produce fabrics with a 0°, 90°, +45° and -45° yarn orientation. The yarns are then stitched together to produce a 3D fabric structure.


We use this technology to manufacture high-strength fabrics for reinforcement. These structures can be used for flexible flooring, geotextile applications and provide excellent support for other industrial components such as the bi-axial structures which are combined with needle punched non-woven products. Many different fibre types can be used on the multi-axial machine and we have worked with Glass, basalt, aramid, polyester and carbon in the past.

Multi-axial specs

Construction: bi-axial / tri-axial / quad axial ( 0º / 90º / +45º / -45º laid and stitch bonded). * The angles can be adjusted.
Composition: 100% Polyester, Glass, Aramid or Hybrid products. We have also worked with Carbon Fibre and Basalt.
Width: min 127cm up to max 165cm * Tab slitting optional


Woven technology


Gelvenor Textiles has weaving machines able to produce medium and heavy weight industrial fabrics at a selection of widths. These include scrim machines capable of weaving industrial fabrics using high tenacity polyamide or polyester yarns which are then dipped into a PVC or acrylic paste and heat set. Various filter fabrics can also be manufactured using specialised polyester yarn which can be used in wet or dry conditions.


In addition, we also produce leno woven fabrics which are locked constructions for open mesh products.


Our industrial fabrics are used for a variety of applications across a diverse collection of industries, which include:


  • Filtration fabrics for cathode / anode bags
  • Filtration fabrics for the manganese industry
  • Fabric for blast blankets / shrapnel containment


  • Base fabrics for PVC coating (tarpaulins) construction (7×7 to 12×12, using 1100 dtex and 2200 dtex yarns)
  • Airbag fabrics


  • Filtration fabrics (wet / dry systems)


  • Geo-textiles for soil stabilisation, bank retention and road underlay