Gelvenor Textiles produces a range of high performance fabrics, specially designed for creating clothing articles, accessories and protective applications to withstand a variety of outdoor climates. Through extensive research we have assessed multiple marine, military, sports and outdoor applications to identify the performance standards required from garments and fabrics servicing these markets.


Each of the fabrics developed for our outdoor range is tested extensively by the SANAS accredited independent ATS laboratory to ensure that we meet the high standards we have set for ourselves and consistently deliver quality to our customers.

Applications of our outdoor fabrics include:


Our high performance tenting solutions are available in three different weights and are woven in a Ripstop design. The pigmented acrylic coating we apply is able to retain its colour in harsh outdoor conditions and provides protection from heat, cold and wet weather.

Life jackets

We produce fabric for life jackets using high tenacity polyester filament yarns and coating chemicals which ensures these life jacket fabrics conform to SABS standards.

Safari gear

Our safari fabrics are woven with microfibre polyamide yarns that offer the ultimate in comfort, garment life span, UV protection, moisture management and resistance to a variety of challenging outdoor conditions.

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags produced using our polyamide fabrics conform to military standards for both the inner and outer casing/lining to ensure durability and comfort whilst in the great outdoors.



We produce shelter fabrics from both high tenacity polyester and polyamide yarns. These fabrics conform to a collection of private and SANS performance standards and can be camouflage printed, coated or uncoated.


We have a selection of lightweight to heavyweight fabrics suitable for carry bags, backpacks, parapacks and various other bags. We are also able to produce backpack fabric to military specification requirements.


Breathable covers

We are able to produce breathable high tenacity polyester fabric suitable for outdoor covers. This allows the item underneath the cover to breathe, reducing condensation, water retention, rust, mould and a variety of other common challenges faced in warm, humid climates.

Technical finishes for comfort and protection

We are able to offer various technical finishes which can be applied to our fabrics to provide protection against the elements. These technical finishes include:

  • Ultra-Violet (UV) or Sun Protection Factor (SPF)
  • Wicking or moisture management
  • Rucoguard® durable water repellent and fabric protector
  • Vital Protection® insect repellent
  • Silverplus® antimicrobial