When it comes to protection, fabric comes first

When producing protective clothing, the fabric used to make up these garments is the key to ensuring the safety of the wearer. While garment design and manufacturing standards play an important role, it is ultimately the fabric that is responsible for delivering protection.


Thanks to many years of intensive research, a willingness to innovate and an extensive testing process, Gelvenor Textiles excels in developing and manufacturing fabrics with protective qualities. In our state-of-the-art factory, we are able to engineer practical material options for a large range of textile applications, including a collection of protective fabrics that offer extensive solutions to various environment and industry specific work hazards. These hazards include industrial chemicals, electrical arc, hot metal splashes, fire, ballistics and medical contamination.

Unique solutions give our clients the advantage

What sets Gelvenor Textiles apart is the ability to innovate; to push the boundaries of fabric manufacturing to constantly develop new products and improve on existing products in order to meet the needs of our clients. In fact, we often collaborate with our clients in order to develop custom fabric solutions that deliver unique qualities for their products to ensure a true point of difference from their competitors.


As the first South African company to produce an inherently flame retardant fabric, Gelvenor Textiles are experts in this field. We are driven by a desire to innovate, combining our expertise from different textiles technologies to improve on existing fabrics and deliver new solutions that reduce costs while introducing new qualities that increase both protection and durability.

Extensive, reliable testing at the independent ATS laboratory

All Protective fabrics produced by Gelvenor Textiles are tested for conformance at the independent and accredited ATS laboratory and a Certificate of Conformance or Certificate of Acceptance is issued for each product as a value-added service. At ATS, physical and fastness testing of textiles are conducted using a number of internationally recognised testing methods.



Gelvenor Textiles is a preferred weaver of Para-Aramid yarns, which are used to produce both hard and soft ballistic protective fabrics. We also produce a ballistic nylon fabric which can be used in environments where fragmentation is a risk.


We are able to produce various types of both Du Pont Kevlar® and Teijin Twaron®.

120g – S270 – 220dtx
140g – S640 – 670dtx
160g – S660 – 670dtx
185g – S685 – 670dtx
190g – S802 – 1100dtx
200g – S363 – 930dtx
280g – S713 – 1100dtx
300g – GT – 3300dtx
460g – S770 – 3300dtx
190g – CT714 – 1100dtx
200g – CT 709 – 930dtx
280g – CT716 – 1100dtx
300g – T751 – 3360dtx
410g – CT737 – 1680dtx
460g – T750 – 3360dtx


Gelvenor Textiles produces a selection of fabrics for use in the medical industry. These fabrics can be treated with our preferred anti-microbial Silver Plus®. This treatment has virtually infinite capacity as a bacteriostat and is environmentally friendly, ensuring optimum hygiene, protection and freshness. Our medical fabrics are woven from filament yarns which are non-linting. This reduces the risk of nosocomial infections in a hospital or surgical environment. We also have anti-static fabric options as well as microfibre, emerised fabric options for comfort.


Gelvenor Textiles produces fabrics suitable for:

  • Reusable medical barrier gowns
  • Scrub suits (general or theatre use)
  • Medical workwear (doctors and nurses)


Medical fabrics produced by Gelvenor include the following properties:

  • Excellent laundering
  • Fluid repellency
  • Non-linting
  • Anti-static (specified fabrics only)
  • Anti-microbial (specified fabrics only)

Unique combinations of comfort and performance

Our anti-static medical barrier gown fabric represents the best balance between comfort and performance. These fabrics are also non-linting providing a significant reduction in nosocomial infections normally associated with cotton and cotton blend textiles. Our unique scrub fabric comprises a double faced weave – the outside being engineered for fluid repellency, with a brushed inner to allow for a comfortable, natural feel against the skin.


Gelvenor Textiles produces a collection of flame retardant and electrical arc resistant fabrics. These fabrics are not treated but have been meticulously engineered so that each thread carries inherent flame retardant properties to offer the wearer complete and long term protection. Both our flame and arc resistant fabrics have been externally tested and certified to EN and NFPA Standards. We are also able to add an acid resistant finish to most of our fire retardant and arc resistant fabrics for additional protection.

We offer the following flame retardant fabrics:

  • Protal® (fire retardant polymer and natural cotton blend)
  • Alumax (molten aluminium splash protective fabric)
  • Nomex (only on request)

Protal1® is a unique blend of inherently flame retardant polymer and natural cotton. It is extremely comfortable, cost-effective and can be dyed almost any colour.


  • General fire retardant work wear
  • Utilities
  • Police and military undergarments
  • Petrochemical work wear
  • Electrical arc protection




Gelvenor Textiles offers a range of high quality textiles to suit many different working environments. We specifically engineer our products to offer effective solutions that are durable, yet still offer comfort. Our technical range of workwear fabrics can be used in a variety of applications, including freezer suits, chainsaw protective suits, waterproof clothing, automotive uses, pharmaceutical and HACCP. In addition, an acid resistant finish can be applied to various technical workwear fabrics for additional protection.


We produce fabric suitable for the following applications and requirements:

  • Component fabrics for chainsaw protection
  • Freezer suits
  • Waterproof clothing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive
  • High visibility
  • Acid resistant



Gelvenor’s military fabrics are available in various shade options and can be camouflage printed, coated or uncoated. These fabrics are used by the armed forces around the world for tenting, shelters, uniforms, back/carry packs, ponchos, sleeping bags and aeronautical canopies.

Our range of military textiles are suitable for:

  • Uniforms
  • Rain wear
  • Backpacks
  • Shelters
  • Ponchos
  • Sleeping bags
  • Tents

Our innovative edge

What sets Gelvenor apart is our ability to innovate; to push the boundaries of fabric and textile manufacturing to constantly develop new products and improve on our existing ranges in order to meet the needs of our clients. In fact, we often collaborate with our customers in order to develop custom fabric solutions that deliver unique qualities to ensure a true point of difference from their competitors.

Extensive and independent testing

All fabrics produced at Gelvenor Textiles are tested using a number of internationally recognised methods at the SANAS accredited independent ATS laboratory for conformance. A Certificate of Conformance or Certificate of Acceptance is issued for each fabric tested as a value added service. For fabrics such as the flame retardant range which need to be certified to EN/NFPA Standards, these are sent to accredited testing facilities in the United Kingdom and Spain to ensure independent validation at the required levels.