Faithwear the Brainchild of Moto X Enthusiasts

Faithwear the Brainchild of Moto X Enthusiasts.

Faithwear is a Zimbabwean clothing manufacturer and the brainchild of Moto-X enthusiast, Brett Van Rooyen. As manufacturers of hi-tech apparel such as BMX racing gear and motorcycle gear, Faithwear require durable and reliable fabrics to ensure their sports clothing is of the highest quality. It is no surprise then that they turned to renowned fabric manufacturer, Gelvenor, for their ballistic nylon.

Tough, robust and durable, ballistic nylon is a densely woven fabric which is made from polyamide 6.6 yarns. Originally developed for flak jackets to protect airmen from flying bullets and debris during the Second World War, its name is inspired by its protective qualities. Today ballistic nylon is still used for protective purposes and is commonly used on the outer layer of ballistic garments such as bullet proof vests.

While Faithwear doesn’t manufacture ballistic clothing they do require a fabric which will protect the wearer during high intensity sports, such as motocross or BMX racing, without restricting movement, and due to its excellent strength to weight ratio, ballistic nylon fits the bill perfectly.

Gelvenor’s ballistic nylon is made by weaving 840 denier tenacity nylon yarns into a 2×2 basketweave design. This tried and tested design guarantees strength and durability and is the reason why ballistic nylon is the fabric of choice for a number of modern applications, including luggage cases, tool belts, knife sheaths and the lining of parachute packs, amongst others.

As the official sponsor for Siphiso “Skizo” Nhlapo – UCI World BMX champion & Olympian – and the New Zealand High Performance Team, it is imperative that Faithwear have a quality ballistic nylon supplier to enable them to craft sports apparel which meets and surpasses world class standards. For this important task they chose Africa’s leading fabric manufacturer – Gelvenor.

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